Earn money as a photographers model

As well as my normal photography that can be seen on this web site I also run a course introducing would be models to the world of being a photographers model. The course takes four hours any day of the week and costs 160GBP. What you will learn, to begin with I will show you a little bit about the camera and make you feel at ease being photographed, that will take the first hour. Then an experienced model will teach you how to move in front of the camera and teach you expressions for portraits. This takes two hours, and during this time I will be taking photographs for your first portfolio. The last hour I may take some more pictures and we will choose your best pictures and upload them onto a web site where other photographers will see your images. Any questions about the course phone me on 07704 704 643 thanks Simon. Happy Modelling!!!

You can earn money straight away as I require models for my Meet Up group